Modern Learners Appreciate Self-Directed Approaches

Engage and inspire your team and meet your learners where they want to be by putting the power of training into their hands!

Self-Directed Learning Means Faster, More Efficient Training

Today’s learners expect the convenience and flexibility that self-directed learning offers. Practi puts the power of learning in the palms of people’s hands. Learn how to simplify your training today with Practi.

Self-Directed Learning Means Independence

Our team of expert instructional designers can help you transform traditional classroom learning into bite-sized, active learning that is suited to today’s self-directed learners.

We Speak Self-Directed Learning

Our team of expert Instructional Designers will help you create and deliver learning projects that are turn-key, increase learner engagement, while also using rich learning analytics to help you continously boost the success of your training.

Practi Has Everything to Support Independent Learners

Every Practi learner is supported through the entire training cycle, including regular email  support that directs them through their learning and lets them know exactly when they achieve competency.

Practi sends auto facilitation to learners so the can learn independently

Instant Learner Reports Keep You Up to Date

You don’t need to be watching learners to know they are acquiring and retaining information. Practi’s delivery and reporting system means the entire training process is self-directed, then measured and reported.

Practi learning reports keep you up to date on learner competencies
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