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Move over LMS and meet Practi, the first of its kind to measure competency and retention.

Train smarter, not harder

When was the last time your staff asked for more training? Practi learners know that the future is outside the classroom and that a mobile workforce means mobile training. Mobile is the most effective medium for relevant learning and offers the best performance support to the greatest number of learners when they need it most. Mobile reaches learners wherever they are and in the form that best meets their varying needs.

Practi micro learning example

Rapid content authoring

If you can create slideshows, you can create rapid mobile learning content. Practi’s authoring tool is designed to be intuitively easy for anyone. Easily convert powerpoint to rapid mobile format and move your team through content faster, without lecture, and with deeper learning analytics to help you manage and report learning better.

Learning analytics that matter

Practi’s learning analytics help trainers see and measure what’s being learned in real time. Customizable dashboards mean that you can decide and visualize what is most important to your decision process. Schedule reports that help you find your effective learners, tie learning to business goals, and get the best information to measure and achieve your KPIs.

Built for the secure future

All connections to content authoring and the Practi app API server are encrypted using SSL. We use the most modern HTML technologies so you get the best brower-accessed experience. Our mobile companion app is the interface that learners use to access published courses. The app is available for both iOS (version 7+) and Android (2.3.3+) operating systems.

We protect your ownership of all content and data

All data collected by Practi (including user account information, user performance analytics, user-uploaded media, and published course material) is stored on servers physically located in Canada and owned by our clients. No access to user emails or user performance data are made available to third-parties.

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