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When you optimize learning, everybody wins.

How it works

1. Analyze and design

We work with you to assess your audience, define your training goals and create competencies based on your training material that will ensure your employees learn what they need, when they need it.

2. Develop

Your content, our expertise. Our team of experts develops rapid, microlearning units based on the science of learning, and optimizes them for the mobile experience.

3. Implement

We’ll help you effortlessly onboard your users to our platform and be there every step of the way to support your team in understanding the science of rapid, mobile learning and how it will empower them to succeed in their job roles.

4. Evaluate and improve

We help you easily interpret the learning analytics so you can measure competency and retention to support your team’s development and improve their performance fast.

Knowledge in action is power

We built Practi because we are passionate about helping people learn better. We apply the science of learning so you can benefit from evidence-based approaches you can trust. Practi learning reports provide you with the assurance you need by answering questions like: who acquired knowledge today?

“The staff want more! They are actually asking for more quizzes because they can learn when they have downtime. It passes the time and helps them learn effectively.” – The Bone and Biscuit Co.

“Engagement-based learning that Practi provides will be a significant component of the future of education.” – Dr. Raymond Spiteri, University of Saskatchewan

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