Expand your training and connect to the power of mobile with Practi

We get your team ready to train wherever and whenever, supporting your mobile projects from content conversion through learning measurement and reporting.

‘Mobile first’ means just-in-time, multi device flexibility that suits today’s learners.

More people are connecting with mobile and that means that your training needs to meet your team where they are, whether it’s on smartphones, tablets or other handheld devices. Our team at Practi specializes in optimizing training for rapid mobile delivery and we can help you make the move to mobile.

Just in Time Training

Don’t just lecture at your team. Empower them with more manageable learning and let us help you convert your content into optimized form for mobile.

Mobile Measures Success

When you deliver micro learning on mobile, you measure more instances of learning which helps build a more complete picture of your team’s expertise. Talk to us about what measuring with mobile can mean for you.

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