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How To Make Microlearning That Sticks

Why Asking is Stronger Than Telling: Quizzing as a Rapid Learning Tool True or false:  we learn faster by answering questions than by listening to (or reading or watching) information. a) False. Since most of us are visual learners, watching … Read More

How to Improve Cultural Intelligence Training With Mobile Microlearning

  Improving Cultural Intelligence Training With Mobile Microlearning Let’s be honest:  some topics are tough to train.  Frankly, there are training topics that can launch us right back to that anxious feeling like we are in a middle school health … Read More

Free eBook: Shifting to Mobile in 6 Easy Steps

  Mobile Simplifies If you are a busy learning professional, you will enjoy discovering how simple and easy it is to incorporate mobile devices in your training cycles and how the shift to mobile can help your learners acquire and … Read More

To Game or not to Game: How to Incorporate Gamification into Mobile Learning

“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein The two activities of learning and playing become deeply connected during our early childhood and this relationship remains close throughout our whole lives.  There are many great reasons to incorporate … Read More

How to Convert Your Training Content into Mobile Learning Format

  Best Practices to Convert Your Training Content into Mobile Learning  As more training and L&D departments make the move to mobile, they are recognizing that mobile provides a much different learning experience than the traditional classroom.  Once you have … Read More

5 Steps to Help you Identify the Best Content for your Mobile Learning Project

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw   Just as you can’t build your dream house on poor foundation, you also cannot create engaging microlearning without solid content.  High … Read More

Why Change Management is Essential to Your Mobile Learning Strategy

By now, most Directors of Learning and Development have at least started to consider whether to introduce mobile learning projects into their training programs. By 2020, 75% of the workforce will be of millennial age which means that the demand … Read More

Top Tips on Best Device Decisions for Planning a Successful Mobile Learning Project

It’s hard to ignore the lightning speed by which mobile has become an essential part of our fast-paced lives.  Still, some believe (wrongly) that mobile is mostly just a technology for playing games and checking the weather or a bank … Read More

How to Use Self-Directed Learning to Train Millennials

People are natural learners.  One of our strongest skills is that we are excellent at directing our own learning (even if we aren’t always aware we’re doing it).  Arguably the most difficult thing we ever learn is our first language … Read More

3 Ways Learning Managers Can Use Mobile Learning for Better Leadership Training

Today’s learning managers need to be practical, but they also must be flexible.  When it comes to leadership training and development, they’re required to stretch the edges of those training buckets wide enough to hold an increasing number of subjects. … Read More