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Our team of expert instructional designers ensures that the Practi Microlearning Library is timely and updated to reflect best practices for rapid training and learning. Get instant access to courses such as “Change Management” that can also be customized to suit your team size and industry or used “off the shelf” to help you incorporate the most current trends in training exactly when they are needed.

Practi microlearning course about change management

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Practi is the first LMS built exclusively for microlearning and we have dozens of course templates to help you design and deliver popular courses such as Leadership Styles, Coaching Tips, and other content that will help you use microlearning to motivate your team and achieve business results.

Practi microlearning courses include leadership training

Sample Courses

We are constantly updating our library to make sure Practi customers have access to the most current, relevant and engaging microlearning.

Cultural Intelligence

Practi microlearning library includes courses like Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence or cultural quotient (CQ) is a term used in business, education, government and academic research. Cultural intelligence can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. This course covers the components and dimensions of cultural intelligence and answers some of the “why”s around the importance of developing cultural intelligence in the workplace.

Respectful Workplace

Practi microlearning courses including respectful workplace trainingThis course is about helping employers, workers, and supervisors meet their occupational health and safety duties as they relate to workplace bullying and harassment including definitions, prevention, duty to report, roles and responsibilities and policy.

Escalation Handling

Practi microlearning course about escalation handling for call centers

This course is designed to give simple tips for call centre agents to achieve better FCR and avoid escalation but also best tips for how to deal when escalation results.

IT Security

Practi microlearning courses help train your team on IT Security

This course covers common situations such as safe computing, secure handling of passwords, how to deal with phishing, reporting procedures and other aspects of ICT secure practices.

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