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“Tolko is committed to investing in the development of our people, with programs aligned to the current and future needs of our business. Working with Practi will help our employees develop their competencies to drive increased engagement and productivity. Support from the Practi team is excellent!”
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Brett VanderHoek Manager of Corporate Services, Tolko Industries Ltd.

Tolko Industries Ltd

Increase Engagement and Productivity!


About Tolko

Tolko Industries Ltd. is a forestry products company dedicated to providing a variety of innovative, sustainable, and valuable goods to their customers.




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Tolko has experienced significant growth across multiple locations with high product diversity due to their dedication to innovation, sustainability, and quality. A number of their senior employees are approaching retirement and they are focused on consistent and efficient training solutions that support knowledge transfer and expedite time required to become productive in a new role.


The team at Practi is working with Tolko to standardize new hire training policies by converting their existing material into a rapid, bite-sized mobile format. New Tolko hires will be able to access learning whenever and wherever they need through Practi’s fun and accessible learning management system. By transforming lecture-based learning into a self-directed model, Tolko can now offer their new hires the opportunity to become knowledgeable and productive within a rapidly expanding atmosphere. Practi’s Instructional Design team also provides change management support for the move to mobile as Tolko develops a culture of independent rapid learners. These learners will then be able to coach others to adopt self-directed learning for more seamless team development.

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Practi is working with Tolko to achieve simple and effective standardization for core elements of their new hire training. With Practi’s informative bi-weekly reports, Tolko can now instantly assess the knowledge level of their new hires. They can identify who has demonstrated competency from training, and employees can more rapidly implement new knowledge into their daily working lives.

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“This method of learning sticks with people more than reading or lecturing.”
“The courses provided great refresher training and helped me think about the policies from a practical application perspective.”
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