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"As soon as we implemented Practi into our onboarding process, we noticed a marked improvement in staff engagement. We will continue to use it going forward."
Tanya Stoinig Executive Vice President, Prestige Hotels and Resorts

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Prestige Hotels and Resorts is a young, progressive, family-owned and operated chain of hotels and resorts dedicated to the true spirit of hospitality.




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Like many companies in the hospitality industry, Prestige wanted to improve their seasonal new hire onboarding process. They were interested in lowering training hours for managers during their seasonal hiring phase.

Prior to working with Practi, each Prestige seasonal new hire spent an average of 2 hours reading policies and procedures with the support of a management trainer during the orientation session.. In addition, there was no way for managers to measure learning retention and competency.


Prestige began working with Practi in 2016 to introduce their hotel employees to rapid, self-directed mobile learning. The Practi team received traditional training content from Prestige and converted it into mobile-ready, microlearning units for the new staff. Practi also supported Prestige with Change Management and Learner Facilitation to empower Prestige employees to become more independent and motivated in their own learning in subject areas like safe cleaning practices and respectful workplace policies. Regular reports provided Prestige Managers with the insights they needed to instantly assess learners.


Through fun and retainable microlearning, Practi supported Prestige’s priority to improve seasonal new hire onboarding. By using the Practi solution, Prestige was able to speed up their learning by reducing their new hire orientation review to 45 minutes. Practi helped motivate staff to continue to improve their learning, and managers even asked to use the mobile Practi courses for existing staff refresher training. With Practi’s independent mobile learning, a self-directed learning culture developed that significantly reduced the need for managers to support their new hires. The simplified Practi learning reports gave managers the information they needed to accurately and efficiently coach their staff when and where they needed it most.

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“Using Practi was a great experience. I look forward to using it as a tool to help my new employees.”
“I love this app! It’s very convenient and easy to access. It gives me options to continue improving. Good job!”
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