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Practi is designed to be the quickest way for learners to acquire, transfer and keep knowledge to help fast-moving organizations achieve success.

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The Bone & Biscuit Company is a fast growing company that provides high-quality pet products and is committed to serving health conscious pet owners. They’ve enjoyed rapid store expansion and were challenged with onboarding new employees in a way that was accessible and flexible for their enthusiastic sales team. Practi helped their training team convert their existing content to rapid mobile format, distribute it quickly to new staff and monitor their success. New staff were able to train onsite and get up to speed on product and company information with less time and money than their traditional classroom training.





Dr. Raymond Spiteri was looking for a way to increase student success in math courses. He is a leader in using blended learning approaches and partnered with Practi to design classroom trials to use mobile to increase learner outcomes. Practi helped Dr. Spiteri identify learner struggles, support faster acquisition of knowledge, and gain valuable insight to increase student engagement and success.



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