Rapid mobile learning without lecture

Save time

Practi saves you 80% of course preparation time versus traditional lecture and e-learning formats. Reduce your instructional design ratios and deliver more learning in less time.

Save money

Reduce your costs by rapidly converting your existing training. Optimize learning outcomes so money isn’t wasted on ineffective content or learning time.

Easy to use

Practi’s user friendly authoring tool delivers the fastest and easiest way to get information to stick, based on the science of learning and the flexibility of mobile.

Highly engaging

The most engaging learning happens when it is fast, effective and memorable. Practi is all about fun, bite sized, rapid mobile learning that enables learners to learn what they want, when they want and how they want, even without wifi.

Practi mobile learning speeds up training with microlearning

Training trainers

Our team of expert instructional designers and learning science researchers work with you to transform and optimize your content for fast and measurable learning. We help trainers quickly understand how to apply learning science through simple, easy to use templates and a super user friendly authoring tool. No rocket science required.

Make better decisions, easier

Practi helps you make practical use of learning data to inform your business decisions. Easily measure your team’s knowledge acquisition and retention, including time and costs saved. Practi delivers highly flexible, customized reports that help Learning Managers connect training to better business outcomes.

Optimize to help your team

Expand your reach far into the workflow and hone in to individual performance like never before. Instant real-time analytics help you identify better learning content and empower you to continuously update and support large, global, remote teams.

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